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Shows simple text in a popup tip window on creation. This is used by SimpleHelpProvider to show popup help. The window automatically destroys itself when the user clicks on it or it loses the focus. It can also be set to destroy itself automatically when the mouse moves outside of a defined bounding rectangle.

You may also use this class to emulate the tooltips when you need finer control over them than provided by the standard tooltips.

Derived from






TipWindow.new(Window parent,
                  String text,  
                  Integer maxLength = 100)

Constructor. The tip is shown immediately the window is constructed.



set_bounding_rect(Rect rectBound)

By default, the tip window disappears when the user clicks the mouse or presses a keyboard key or if it loses focus in any other way – for example because the user switched to another application window.

Additionally, if a non empty rectBound is provided, the tip window will also automatically close if the mouse leaves this area. This is useful to dismiss the tip mouse when the mouse leaves the object it is associated with.


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