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TextDataObject is a specialization of DataObject for text data. It can be used without change to paste data into the Clipboard or a DropSource. A user may wish to derive a new class from this class for providing text on-demand in order to minimize memory consumption when offering data in several formats, such as plain text and RTF because by default the text is stored in a string in this class, but it might as well be generated when requested. For this, get_text_length and get_text will have to be overridden.

Note that if you already have the text inside a string, you will not achieve any efficiency gain by overriding these functions because copying Strings is already a very efficient operation (data is not actually copied because Strings are reference counted).

Virtual functions to override

This class may be used as is, but all of the data transfer functions may be overridden to increase efficiency.

Derived from



See also

Clipboard and drag and drop overview, DataObject, DataObjectSimple, FileDataObject, BitmapDataObject



TextDataObject.new(String text = '')

Constructor, may be used to initialise the text (otherwise set_text should be used later).


Integer get_text_length()

Returns the data size. By default, returns the size of the text data set in the constructor or using set_text. This can be overridden to provide text size data on-demand. It is recommended to return the text length plus 1 for a trailing zero, but this is not strictly required.


String get_text()

Returns the text associated with the data object. You may wish to override this method when offering data on-demand, but this is not required by Widgets’ internals. Use this method to get data in text form from the Clipboard.


set_text(String strText)

Sets the text associated with the data object. This method is called when the data object receives the data and, by default, copies the text into the member variable. If you want to process the text on the fly you may wish to override this function.

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