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FindReplaceDialog events

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Event table macros

To process a command event from FindReplaceDialog, use these event handler macros to direct input to member functions that take a FindDialogEvent argument. The id parameter is the identifier of the find dialog and you may usually specify $-1$ for it unless you plan to have several find dialogs sending events to the same owner window simultaneously.

evt_find(id) { | event | ... } Find button was pressed in the dialog.
evt_find_next(id) { | event | ... } Find next button was pressed in the dialog.
evt_find_replace(id) { | event | ... } Replace button was pressed in the dialog.
evt_find_replace_all(id) { | event | ... } Replace all button was pressed in the dialog.
evt_find_close(id) { | event | ... } The dialog is being destroyed,any pointers to it cannot be used any longer.



FindDialogEvent.new(EventType commandType = EVT_NULL,  Integer id = 0)

Constuctor used by Widgets only.


Integer get_flags()

Get the currently selected flags: this is the combination of FR_DOWN, FR_WHOLEWORD and FR_MATCHCASE flags.


String get_find_string()

Return the string to find (never empty).


String get_replace_string()

Return the string to replace the search string with (only for replace and replace all events).


FindReplaceDialog get_dialog()

Return the pointer to the dialog which generated this event.

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