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This class changes the cursor to a query and puts the application into a ‘context-sensitive help mode’. When the user left-clicks on a window within the specified window, a EVT_HELP event is sent to that control, and the application may respond to it by popping up some help.

For example:

ContextHelp contextHelp(myWindow);

There are a couple of ways to invoke this behaviour implicitly:

Note that on Mac OS X, the cursor does not change when in context-sensitive help mode.

Derived from


See also

HelpEvent, HelpController, ContextHelpButton



ContextHelp.new(Window window = nil,  Boolean doNow = true)

Constructs a context help object, calling begin_context_help if doNow is true (the default).

If window is NULL, the top window is used.


Destroys the context help object.


Boolean begin_context_help(Window window = nil)

Puts the application into context-sensitive help mode. window is the window which will be used to catch events; if NULL, the top window will be used.

Returns true if the application was successfully put into context-sensitive help mode. This function only returns when the event loop has finished.


Boolean end_context_help()

Ends context-sensitive help mode. Not normally called by the application.

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