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This is a static control which displays an animation. AnimationCtrl API is simple as possible and won’t give you full control on the animation; if you need it then use MediaCtrl.

This control is useful to display a (small) animation while doing a long task (e.g. a “throbber”).

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Window styles

AC_DEFAULT_STYLE The default style: NO_BORDER.
AC_NO_AUTORESIZE By default, the control will adjustits size to exactly fit to the size of the animation when set_animation called. If this style flag is given, the control will not change its size

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AnimationCtrl.new(Window parent,  Integer id, 
                  Animation anim, 
                  Point pos = DEFAULT_POSITION, 
                  Size size = DEFAULT_SIZE, 
                  Integer style = AC_DEFAULT_STYLE, 
                  String name = "animationctrl")

Initializes the object and calls Create with all the parameters.


Boolean create(Window parent,  Integer id,  Animation anim, 
               Point pos = DEFAULT_POSITION, 
               Size size = DEFAULT_SIZE, 
               Integer style = AC_DEFAULT_STYLE, 
               String name = "animationctrl")


After control creation you must explicitely call Play to start to play the animation. Until that function won’t be called, the first frame of the animation is displayed.

Return value

if the control was successfully created or  if creation failed.


Animation get_animation()

Returns the animation associated with this control.


Bitmap get_inactive_bitmap()

Returns the inactive bitmap shown in this control when the; see set_inactive_bitmap for more info.


Boolean is_playing()

Returns if the animation is being played.


Boolean load_file(String file, 
                  AnimationType animType = ANIMATION_TYPE_ANY)

Loads the animation from the given file and calls set_animation. See Animation#load_file for more info.


Boolean play()

Starts playing the animation. The animation is always played in loop mode (unless the last frame of the animation has an infinite delay time) and always start from the first frame (even if you stopped it while some other frame was displayed).


set_animation(Animation anim)

Sets the animation to play in this control. If the previous animation is being played, it’s Stopped.

Until Play isn’t called, a static image, the first frame of the given animation or the background colour will be shown (see set_inactive_bitmap for more info).


set_inactive_bitmap(Bitmap bmp)

Sets the bitmap to show on the control when it’s not playing an animation. If you set as inactive bitmap NullBitmap (which is the default), then the first frame of the animation is instead shown when the control is inactive; in this case, if there’s no valid animation associated with the control (see set_animation), then the background colour of the window is shown.

If the control is not playing the animation, the given bitmap will be immediately shown, otherwise it will be shown as soon as Stop is called.

Note that the inactive bitmap, if smaller than the control’s size, will be centered in the control; if bigger, it will be stretched to fit it.



Stops playing the animation. The control will show the first frame of the animation, a custom static image or the window’s background colour as specified by the last set_inactive_bitmap call.

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